Process of Web Design or Redesign service

1. Fill out the contact form and we will call you for a quote
2. We will provide a mock up design, a layout in an image file (.png file)
3. You suggest edits, changes, add or remove images/contents, share your preferences
4. Send you the new mock up with all the changes you requested
5. You approve it or suggest more edits
6. Apply Marketing strategies and provide social media + hosting maintenance at an annual minimum fee
7. When satisfied, we will put life into it and make it live on the internet

Cost for Design or Redesign

Our Web Design starts at $469 per site [5 PAGE SITE][ONE TIME FULL PAYMENT] depending on the complexity of your requirements. Web design can be completed within weeks or months and support and maintenance will be provided minimum of 6 months to 1 year at $169/month. You can opt out from support and maintenance after the first 6 months [minimum maintenance fee applies at $149/year]. This goes the same with redesigning an old website. E-commerce websites on the other hand start at $389 per month for a minimum of 6 months [ONE TIME PAYMENT]

What Marketing strategies are included in my project

To fully get the best of your new site, we will create 3 Social Media Accounts [FB, TW and PI], Blog page, submit your new site to Google and Bing and register to 10 business listings. One main strategy that we apply is creating you a Search Engine friendly website configuration.

What are your add-on services

Social Media Account Management – $185.00 / Month
Content Writing – $475.00 / One time / Contents that will be used during website building
20 Search Engine Submission – $155.00 / One time
Webpage Revision – $225.00 / Page [after 6 months]
Adwords Management – $250.00 / Month / Maintain 5 keywords
Virtual Sales Team (5 Agents) – $3,495.00 / Month
SSL Application – $385.00 / Year
Sitelock Encryption – $135.00 / Year
Business Database – $456.00 / Project
Blogs Management – $145.00 / Month / 1 blog a month
Support and maintenance – $275.00 / Month / Adding and removing of contents, price, product, image
Explainer video – $300.00 / video
Images – $100.00 / 25 unique images for website use
Regular Website Maintenance – $169 / Month at annual payment
E-commerce Website Maintenance – $269 / Month at annual payment