Lead Generation

Synergents offers a wide variety of Leads nationwide to fit any budget or business model. Whether you have a large company who can handle pre-qualified prospects on a spreadsheet or live transfers or if you are a smaller group who prefers pre-set appointments to keep your sales reps closing, we’ve got you covered!

With the quality of our leads, turning them into sales or closing the deal is not a complex formula to decode. High connect rate plus an experienced team to work on it makes it easier for your sales team to close deals and increase your sales pipeline.

Generated real time, 100% exclusive, 100% connect rate as you will speak with every client you pay for and it’s fully customized as we filter out the prospects who don’t qualify under the criteria you set.

You are not buying clicks nor paying impressions, a team will bring them to your doorstep.

Service Packages

$65.00 / HOT PROSPECT Includes:

  • Pre-qualification – 5 Criteria
  • Pre-set Appointment – Set within 2 weeks for an on-site visit (Free Assessment)
  • QA Verification/Validation


  • Minimum of 30 leads per week
  • Prepayment minimum of 30 leads
  • Potential conversion rate 30% – 65%


  • Agent pre-qualifies prospect by asking Qualification Questions (criteria)
  • Agent verifies the prospect’s contact details
  • Agent sets up the appointment for an on-site visit
  • Agent submits the lead
  • QA gets notification when a lead is submitted
  • QA pulls up the recording using the ID number or Phone Number
  • QA listens to the recording
  • QA sends the lead to you once qualified

$45.00 / TRANSFER Includes:

  • Pre-qualification – 4 Criteria
  • Live Transfer to your team/call center


  • Minimum of 60 leads per week;
  • Prepayment for 40 leads
  • Potential conversion rate 20% – 55%

Call and Process Flow

  • Agent pre-qualifies prospect by asking Qualification Questions (criteria)
  • Agent verifies the prospect’s contact details
  • Agent live transfer the prospect to your team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pre-qualification or criteria?
    These are the questions that we will ask to screen and get the leads that you need. Sample of pre-qualification or criteria is: Is the prospect a renter or Homeowner

  • What is Pre-set appointment?
    After we pre-qualify a prospect, we set the appointment for your sales rep, technician or consultant for either an on-site visit or a callback.

  • How many agents will work for my project/campaign?
    One of our goals is to be efficient as we can be without compromising quality of our leads or appointments which means, we will do our best to hit the target within the week

  • What is QA verification?
    Our Quality Assurance team will pull up and listen to the recording, check quality of the submitted lead before lead is submitted to you.

  • Can I increase or decrease the number of weekly leads?
    You can increase it but you are only up until our minimum if you decide to decrease number of leads.

  • What is your payment options?
    We require prepayment and we send invoice every after we satisfied 70% of your prepaid set.

  • Do you process refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not do refund but we replace leads outside the criteria you set; leads we submitted outside your market area are the common replacement we do.

  • What tools do we use for tracking leads?
    We will provide you access to our top of the line CRM or Lead Database
    This Lead Database allows you to pull up the lead information using the ID number or Phone Number
    The CRM allows you to export leads to excel file
    Allows a user to edit info and add notes for future notification.

  • What happens if I decide not to continue?
    Prepaid leads will be generated until satisfied. You will have full rights of all the leads you paid for. If you are happy, we can lock you in a 3 month contract.

  • What happens if you cannot generate my required number of leads per week?
    Rest assured we will do our best to satisfy the weekly leads without compromising quality as we also need to send a new invoice and keep you as a happy client.

  • How soon can your team start?
    We need at least a week before we will launch a team for your campaign as we still have to do the following:
    Product or Service training
    Script formulation
    Data gathering and test-runs
    Phone system preparation
    CRM creation

  • What do I need to provide you?
    List of your criteria, List of your target market, Product or Service materials for training and or Link to your own CRM.

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