How It Works

The only way to find and engage the right prospects is to start with the right contact list. Call and email prospects using targeted B2B & B2C Leads from the telemarketing innovator, Synergents.

Only Synergents can give you UNLIMITED access to your target market call list for only $199, then pair you with one of our Call Center Partners, supply the selected Call Center unlimited call list of your target market, then pay each pre-qualified lead they generate.

With the quality of our US Business and Consumer database, turning them into sales is not a scientific formula to decode. High connect rate plus an experienced team to work on it makes it easier for your onshore sales team to close deals and increase your sales pipeline.

100% exclusive, 100% connect rate as you will speak with every client you pay for and it’s fully customized as we filter out the prospects who don’t qualify under the criteria you set.

You are not buying clicks nor paying impressions, a team will bring them to your doorstep.

  • Our US Business and Consumer database offer high connect rate potential for a high conversion. Set criteria of your target market list, pay $199 for UNLIMITED records and once payment is received, your order will be sent via email, CRM or directly to the Call Center we will pair you with. On the other hand, you make yourself verified as well as making it easier to hire your next call center.

  • Provide us your Job or Project description, we will find an experienced call center partner in the vertical you bring. Once we get the team set up, we will load the call list you bought in their phone system. We will provide web based phone system and call minutes to the team if applicable AT NO EXTRA COST.

  • Provide us product or service materials we can use for training and script formulation. Training will only take 1-2 days which also covers the call flow and strategic blue print. We will provide the team with simple CRM and call tracker. You can also give them access to your own CRM.

  • After equipping the team with the product or service knowledge and familiarization of tools and call flow, your team is now ready to go live. This time, you pay every lead generated by your team and every qualified lead is paired with a recording. VERTICALS WE COVER