Our Database and your Business

What’s in it for me as a Business Owner

Every business needs leads if not they won’t be called a business. Someone has to buy your product or pay for your service in order for you to grow. However, a handful or direct contact leads will not reach your business long term goals.

Your option is marketing and the best way to do that is to start with a list of prospects within your target geographic market – this is where Synergents is good at. Your second step is to have someone call your list of prospects, this is where our call center partners come in.

This means you are in the right direction, a place where your business needs are met. Our expertise in the BPO industry, resources and best practices will meet your expectations and help your business grow. 100% exclusive, 100% connect rate as you will speak with every client you pay for and it’s fully customized as we filter out the prospects who don’t qualify under the criteria you set.

Lower operational and labor costs
Focus on your core business processes
Freeing up internal resources
Save costs and provide a buffer capital fund
Mitigate risk
Realize the benefits of re-engineering
Expand and gain access to new market areas
Business Growth

Will the Call Center be calling on behalf of my Company

Definitely not. That is the first thing we do, to secure you from DNC litigation. The Call Center will be calling on behalf of the Company where the lead signed up for. Therefore the call has consent from the lead.

Types of leads or data

Our data provide you with information of your target market. Our consumer leads have credit range good for Credit Repair, Personal Loans, Mortgages, Auto Loans, Solar and all other services that require a specific credit ratings. This information makes it easier for your sales team to close a deal. Sales Volume is one of the criteria that our business lists has, an important information for Business Loans, Merchant Cash Advance and other business related engagement requirements.

Available Criteria for Consumer
Name | Phone Number | Gender | Age / Birth month | Marital status | Credit Range| Home Value | Estimated Income | Email | Households Count | Homeowners / Renter | Area Code | City | County | State | ZIP Code

Available Criteria for Business
Business Name | Phone Number | Owner or Manager’s Name | Business Email | Website | NAICS/SIC Code | Size | Address | City | Zip | State | Sales Volume | Number of employees | Business industry

Are your leads DNC scrubbed

Each month our leads are scrubbed against the FTC or Do Not Call Registry. At the time of purchase, all consumer leads with phone numbers are privacy-compliant. Over time, people may add themselves to the Do Not Call list and it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to remove these names before calling. To learn who has added himself or herself to the Do Not Call list, you should register with FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry.

Synergents is constantly making the effort of complying to the DNC FTC Telemarketing rules by scrubbing our database every month with our yearly subscription from FTC- SAN 10317424-417424-17 from our sister company Bizmedian which expires 05/31/2018, we also require call consent from each lead generated by our call center partners; asking call consent from the lead is a must on each pre-qualified prospect and call permission from the lead for another call for set appointment, daily submission of our call center partners of their DNC list and all our calls are recorded for quality and assurance purposes. We assure you, we take DNC rules seriously.

How did you acquire those business or consumer data

We have partnered with the biggest data vendor in the US. They are also the same vendor for banks, lending companies and most financial institutions in the entire country. We are confident that connect rate is high and conversion rate is potentially high as well.

How accurate is your data

We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure the data you access is as accurate and complete as possible.It’s this attention to detail that delivers consistently higher levels of accuracy and deliverability over the competition.

But we also recognize that no database can be perfect. Businesses are constantly closing, executives changing, and 15-25% of the consumer population moves every year. And while 100-percent accuracy is our goal, it is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is natural to receive a small amount of outdated information.

You are always covered by our satisfaction guarantee, and we will gladly replace any portion of your list that’s undeliverable, out of date, or disconnected.

What is your refund policy

Unfortunately, once you already have the list we sent via email, refund is not applicable; refund becomes effective if we are unable to pair you with a call center to work on your data you bought from us after 1 whole month and it will be sent in the amount after fee via PayPal.

How do you compile your databases

We compile our business database from a wide variety of sources, such as:
U.S. Yellow Page directories
New business filings
Daily utility connections
Press releases
Corporate websites
Annual reports
User-generated feedback

But we don’t stop there. To ensure your data is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, we make over 24 million calls each year.

Our consumer database is gathered from more than 100 sources, including:
Real estate and tax assessments
Voter registration files
Utility connections
Bill processors
Behavioral data
And many other sources

We are constantly updating our consumer records—rebuilding the database monthly—to guarantee that you get the most current and accurate information possible.

Do you replace bad numbers?

Definitely! All you need to do is send us the number/s [max of 50] and we will replace them asap. We will replace data within 3 weeks from day of purchase. Only disconnected or cannot be reached numbers qualify for a replacement. A replacement number can still be replaced as long as it is still within the warranty weeks.

What are credit rating

We’ve developed a sophisticated computer model—which considers factors such as number of employees, years in business, industry stability, census data, and more—to assign practical and statistically sound credit ratings to each company in our business database.

What information can I append to my current customer file

For business appends, you can add: company name and address, contact name, title, gender; phone number; fax number; SIC code, employee size range; sales volume range; and website URL.

The following data can be added with consumer appends: phone number; gender; marital status; home value; presence of children; own/rent indicator; length of residence; location type; and income range.

How long is your Data Parking time

We sell our data to any interested party however, we also understand that the first to buy should have enough time to work on it exclusively which means we are setting aside your purchased list for 2 weeks before it gets available for future buyers.

Our Business Solutions Model

How exactly does your Business Solution model works

Get your UNLIMITED leads from us, set criteria of your target market for ONLY $199. Set your qualifications of a qualified prospect. We will pair you with one of our experienced Call Center partners to work on your target market call list. Then start paying output of the Call Center on either pay per lead [PPL], pay per transfer [PPT]  or pay per appointment [PPA].

If you are simply interested of getting call list from us, its $0.088 / record minimum of 5,000 records.

Why would I outsource offshore

We understand that you have many options to choose from wherever you are and getting an onshore call center can also save you up to 30% however, outsourcing offshore will allow you 50-75% savings in the long run plus we will supervise the call center for you to ensure that your guidelines are met for free. 99% of our call center partners are from the Philippines which means the output is par or more than onshore call centers. Here are 3 major benefits of why you need to outsource to offshore call centers in the Philippines:

1. The Philippine-based call centers are number one in providing excellent call center services, it could be inbound customer service, sales, telemarketing or back office services. Proven to be a world leader as most of the Forbes 500 companies are handled by call centers here.
2. Big savings and quick return of investment as you will be paired to an experienced call center partner.
3. High quality English skills, high consistency rate of customer satisfaction, ability to scale capacity in a short time and US culture influence.

We are not just limited to call centers in the Philippines, we also have our good pals in India who are undoubtedly the king in technical services. At the end of the day, we will pair you to the most fit call center partner either from the Philippines, India, China or from other neighboring countries. All our call center partners have gone call center profiling, performance, quality output assessment and the ability to scale.

What marketing models do you use to increase my sales pipeline

Model A: Get your data from us – call center partner to do Pre-qualification live transfer to your sales team – Pay per transferred lead
Model B: Get your data from us – call center partner to do Pre-set appointments – Enter to CRM real time – Pay per appointment
Model C: Get your data from us – call center partner to do Pre-qualification live transfer to another call center partner [this could also be the same call center but different set of agents] for verification / provide quotation / closer – Pay the the first call center per lead/appointment/transfer and hourly on the second – 100% NO DNC issues

The best part is, you do not have to do the heavy lifting in setting up everything. All you got to do is simply tell us what you need to do, make payments on time and see your sales pipeline grow.

What payment scheme do you normally accept

Performance-based: Pay per qualified lead, pay per transfer, pay per appointment
Hourly pay: Starts at $9 per hour per agent. Best thing about having an hourly pay is, we have many interested call center partners to choose from.

Do we have a contract

Yes and we will lock you in at least 6 month contract which means, you will need to consume the agreed number of months before you can opt out of the program however, in the event that you wish to extend, simply let us know and we will have you sign for another 6 month contract.

How do you deliver qualified leads to me

There are 2 ways to bring qualified leads to you. First is entering the qualified lead’s information on a CRM or spreadsheet and second is to do a live transfer from your offshore team to your onshore sales team.

What type of project can you handle

Any type of outbound or inbound service is fit for our Business Solutions Services. The goal is to bring qualified customers to your doorstep and retain your business with us as data buyer. Verticals we are covering.

What happens when you can’t find an experienced call center in my vertical

We will still get you a call center with experienced agents with the most related process possible. If we can’t find one, rest assured that the call center is experienced in Lead Generation, appointment Setting and Pre-qualification process. In the event that no call center is interested in running your campaign within 1 full month, we will refund the amount after the fees via PayPal. The refund policy becomes ineffective after launching of your team.

Where will I make the payment for the center’s produce

We are your direct contact and you signed contract with us so we assume all payments will be directed to us then we pay the call center. This is an advantage to the call center since they no longer have to deal with humongous fees for receiving payments from foreign currencies. We get a small cut from the cost per lead/transfer they make.

How will I track the submission of the call center

We will provide you a simple tracker where you can see number of leads or appointments, received calls for inbound or sales for sales campaigns in real time.

Can I buy leads from other lead vendors and just get your call center

Whether you have your own list or you need one, you still have to pay for the $199. This amount has dual purpose, verification and payment for the UNLIMITED data.