Did anyone notice what I have noticed? I have seen a significant decline of Businesses from the US willing to engage to offshore BPOs and Call Centers. Is this the effect of the new president Donald Trump? Or it has been a change of the way the people in the US has become nowadays? I have seen that they started to see the importance of jobs outsourced by US businesses offshore.

To combat this decline, existing BPOs and Call Centers should step up their level in providing services. Not necessarily the rate but the level of being competitive is a factor. Tools of engagement, employees and the whole company should be redressed with highly effective marketing strategies. Like for example, Pay Per Call. This new era of online marketing has the capacity to combat Adwords, pay per click, website impressions. It is a very effective strategy that most businesses are willing to pay 10x the price of SEO. I mean, SEO is still there but the effect of Pay Per Call is so intimidating.

Here is a great idea for business owners like me. Whatever the strategies of the online marketers has been cooking right now, it all boils down to how much and how effective that is. PPC is hot but I also have seen some worrisome side of it. A major Home Improvement company just called my number and offered me their services, when I told the lady I do not have property in the US and has never been there, she was shocked. The next thing she asked me was to call the vendor of the PPC and tell them to make a refund to them for $100. I was like, why would I do that? Why do I need to be in there in the first place? A hundred dollars for a single number? Hmmm… Here is what I can say, going back to the idea I was trying to tell you, get a good list of your target market – it doesn’t have to be expensive, get a team of telemarketers to work on the list, pay for every qualified leads the center generates. Not an expensive investment but highly effective and accurate.

SYNERGENTS – Your Data Vendor with your business in mind

There is no such thing as 100% very good data unless you only get 10 or 20 leads in your hand. If you are looking of thousands of data or not millions, then most probably 20-30% of that data are trash. When I say trash I mean disconnected numbers or unreachable numbers that definitely have nothing of value to you. So what can you at least do? First, get it from a data vendor that focuses on providing value to your hard earned money. A vendor that exert effort to clean up their lists. Second, a vendor that guarantees replacement of bad numbers and lastly, a vendor that has your business in mind which means, they also know your business needs not just sell you list of numbers but sell you leads that has the criteria of your target market.

SYNERGENTS – Your Data Vendor with your business in mind

Synergents is a diverse team from combined ideas, evolving expertise and innovative strategies. Full throttle online presence geeks and lead provider for businesses looking to increase ROI.

The concept is simple, get a website or recreate your old website then if you are looking of growing your business, buy business or consumer data from us, set up your lead qualifications, set qualifications of your team who will call or manage the data you bought, we will set up the best team for you [FREE], we will train them [FREE], we will provide your team with phone system and even the call minutes [FREE] and we will manage them for you [FREE].

We have partnered with experienced small to medium-sized call centers and home-based team of telemarketers at the same time provide them campaigns while we retain you as valued data buyer. All you got to do is pay for the data and pay your team.

Stop buying clicks or expensive leads sold to your competitors. Create your own sales pipeline. We are an innovative data company with your business in mind. Synergents, your business innovative solutions in an ultimate level.

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Having you on every step of the Web Design process is a dream. It will not just make our work so much easier, it will also saves us time. It might be the perfect way of having to create your online presence with you all the way, however, we know that it is near impossible as you have to deal with a lot of things for your self and your business. We more than understand how tough it is to manage a business and that is why we are here to fill up your part to the whole process as much as possible without leaving you in the dark. At the end of the day, it is only your satisfaction that can end the journey.
And how do we do it?

1. You fill out the contact form
2. We will provide a mock up design, aka, teaser design in a image file (.png file)
3. You suggest edits, changes, add or remove images/contents, share your preferences
4. Send you the new mock up with all the changes you made
5. You approve it or suggest more edits
6. When satisfied, we will put life into it and make it live on the internet and let it do it’s job
Web Design, Redesign and Development Process is a complex procedure however, it could be simplified if there is trust between the team and the customer. Synergents is an honest and trustworthy web development team that always makes you and your business the center of our expertise and marketing ideas.

Normally, there should be no “better” time to start your online business or business online presence than now. However, there are times where it could be easier and convenient to start off during the onset of the year. This could mean tax, invoice and of course the management of your business itself.

With Synergents, everyday is the best day to start your business. when we say start a business, it means to take care of your online presence like your website. Your website is the face of your business and it has to be at least updated and upgraded to the technology of the current year. The website will surely reflect to the services or products you offer.

At Synergents, we redesign old websites and make it a search engine food- easier to rank up and at the same time easier for your customers to navigate on either desktop, laptop or mobile phones.


We hear this question from almost all of our prospect clients. This only shows that owners expected on something that is not going to happen in the near future. Why? The moment you decided to create your website to represent your company online, you also created expectations behind them. Expectations that you did not know requires time, effort and money. But let me go directly to why you need to redesign your website and this time, you may expect something in return.

Redesigning and proper website configuration can improve the experience of your users and better serve their needs, make your site more up-to-date or visually appealing, improve the display of content, include a new product or business strategy, display a new company brand or message, and become better optimized so it ranks higher on search engines, therefore, allowing prospects to easily find you, which often helps to generate more leads. And it could be cheaper, faster, and easier than you think.

This is also the reason why we do not stop contacting businesses and invite them to redesign their websites because this will greatly improve the internet. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing randomly clean the internet by ranking up the websites that follow their requirements or algorithm and set aside those old and outdated websites if not totally removing them. So, before it is too late and held your expectations to nothing, keep redesigning your website in mind.

At Synergents, we re-design old websites into responsive and trendy online presence.

SEO is not just about social media, analytics, search engine submissions, backlinks creation or pay per click. These things mentioned are just skeletal positions of the internal configuration of an effective SEO. You might be wondering why you have not ranked up on search engines after spending so much time and effort doing most the the things mentioned above. Have you ever wondered what you miss or lack? Simple, you were working on creating the shell of a crab and keep pushing it. You have not created the internal system to make the shell move itself.

That is where these things come in. Let me copy and paste them. Hold on please…

Title Tag, Meta Description, Headings, Keyword Consistency, Alt Attribute, Google+ Publisher, In-Page Links, WWW Resolve, Robots.txt, XML Sitemap, URL Rewrite, Underscores in the URLs, Blocking Factors, Custom 404 Page, Page Size, Domain Registration

Blog, Mobile-friendliness, Touchscreen Readiness, Mobile Compatibility, Font Size Legibility, Mobile Viewport, Mobile Speed, Mobile Frameworks, Favicon, Load Time, Structured Data Markup, Speed Tips, Analytics, W3C Validity, Doctype, Encoding, SSL Secure, Backlinks Score, Backlinks Counter, Local Directories, Traffic Rank, Adwords Traffic

Now, do you understand a single thing from what I just pasted? I know you’ll say yes. But how deep is your understanding of these things? Have you indulged yourself of creating them? Or you just went to Facebook, Twitter and other social media and make shout outs that no one ever hear except yourself? These social media won’t allow you to make organic free ads or they wont make a dime.

So, if I were you, start paying Online Ad companies humongous amount of money to advertise your internet representative which is your website and gain almost nothing in return. Or might as well invest to someone who really dedicate time and effort to create a concrete foundation of your website from roots to the tip of the tree.

At Synergents, we re-design old websites into search engine friendly and trendy online presence.

Online presence that works. Every website we make or we redesign, it is always synced with Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing’s requirements, it is constant, no question about it!

Don’t be fooled by having to pay this for that or for that pay this. Pay for the package, you get everything inclusive of it.

Search Engines love sensible words that talk about your products and services. Nothing can rank up on search engines except your contents, PERIOD. Not unless you pay Google for ads, but, isn’t your competitor doing the same thing? If yes, you might still end up on the same ground. Stick to writing, blogging and interacting with your customers and users, your content will bring new business to you. Social Medias are just there like electric post, they will just redirect prospects to your website, not look for them. It is your content who looks for customers, so be pretty well good in telling your story on the internet.

Mainstream social medias are no longer moving your business page unless you pay them and advertise it. If you have the budget for advertisements, then go for it, it will generate good traffic. But how long can you withstand to pay for it? It will still offset the increase of traffic to the fee for advertising. If you want to go this route, make sure to start stocking up contents so when you leave and stop paying for the ads, there will be footstep for your organic traffic to follow through.

The real reason of getting a website is to be seen and acknowledged by your prospects, so insure that you have everything they need about what your business can do and help them or they are going to hop to your competitor’s.

At Synergents, we re-design old websites into user friendly and trendy online presence.

I got nothing bad about paid marketing unless these are not colored to the brinks of falsification. What I mean is, we need to stop saying that my email marketing is better or effective than yours. At the end of the day, it will still be Google, Yahoo and Bing who will rule. Even if you send thousands of email and I only send 10, if these 10 signed up for a newsletter on my website, most probably it will be 100% go straight to their inbox than you sending thousands tagged as junk mails.

To get better clicked and opened email rate results, timing is everything. You might want to send these emails on times that these target people are most likely to open their emails. Like what time? 8am, 11am and 4 – 6pm for business emails.

I am also wondering if it is really true that some marketing sites can trace open rates of what they sent, because if that is the case, why won’t Google, Yahoo and Bing allow all emails to go directly to inboxes. It is like licking on someone else ice cream so long not to bite them for lack of words.

The real score here is really to have your prospects send you an email first like what newsletters are for. When they do, this opens up the gateway to their inboxes.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the requirements of mainstream search engines. What makes them unpredictable and hard to understand is the fact that they are talking in their own language, but if we decipher what they said, 99%, all they want is to create good contents on your website because that is the only way their crawlers can read and probably indexed your business information which is represented by your website.

We are still not in a generation where a phrase or sentence is understood as a whole, we are still in a time where every character of each word is represented by 1010101010101010 decimals, which create specific codes and synced to get results. That is true to the sense that when you type words on search tabs of search engines, there are millions of results. And those websites who mentions the word or phrase more, gets on the first page of Google. One example is Wikipedia. They have humongous content and when you probably search a word or phrase, they come as the first result on Google. There maybe other affecting factors that may affect your probability to rank up, it will already be age of your sites or organic traffic on a website as a whole. In this, we can see the effect of forums, blogs and other sites where real people interacts.

Fixed Price for Packages:
You will see in black and white the price you pay for the service. If you wanted more, we don’t hide it. Your money’s worth is appraised to the highest value congruent to a world class product and service.

Quality Product:
We value our reputation the most like how we value your online business representation and we know how to value your time as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We won’t stop until we satisfy you, we will listen and collaborate on your preferences.