We re-Design old sites into Responsive, Search Engine Friendly and Trendy online presence!

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Our Focus

With us, you will find it easier to manage your website, easy to rank up on search engines and a trendy piece of art.

Web Design

We create trendy and professional websites by following desktop and mobile website configuration which is in line with the requirements of mainstream search engines.

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Web Development

Reinventing the components of the whole picture to a new level of professionalism and mastery. Website and SEO expertise applied to each project we build.

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Email Marketing

We have partnered with top notch Email Marketing providers to ensure quality and consistency with good results whether you are targeting your local market or a wide array of market scopes.

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Quality contents aligned to search engine requirements through continuous understanding of search engine algorithms. .Your online presence is synced to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

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Business Management System

Customized web-based system that allows you to maximize all its functionalities making sure that every feature has a function for your business work flow.

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Virtual Support Team

Outsourcing platform that allows you to work on other important things at the same time grow your business. Outside the box platform that enables every business owner to strengthen business approach.

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What We Offer

Affordable and Innovative packages that provide the highest value for your money. Web Development + Search Engine Optimization = Business Growth


Small and Professional


  • Custom Homepage
  • Up to 10 Web Pages
  • Desktop / Laptop and Mobile Design
  • 1 Month Support/Maintenance
  • Touch Screen Readiness
  • Mobile Viewport


  • Meta Description
  • Headings (H1 – H6)
  • Alt Attribute
  • Robots.txt
  • Social Media Integration
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Business and Corporate


  • All Features of Basic Package
  • Up to 100 Web Pages
  • +1 Month Support/Maintenance
  • Up to 30 Image Enhancements
  • Easy Content Management System
  • 24/7 Security and 99.99% Up-time
  • PayPal Integration


  • 50 Search Engine Submission
  • Building/Updating Search Engine Sitemaps
  • On-Page Optimization (Title, Image, Description, ALT, Meta Tag, Linking)
  • Website Usability Improvement (Favicon, Custom 404 Page and Website Language)
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  • All Features of Business Package
  • +10 E-Commerce Templates
  • 3 Months Support/Maintenance
  • Dedicated Team 24/7
  • Unlimited Web Page
  • API Payment Form Integration


  • Google, Yahoo and Bing Analytics
  • +100 Search Engine Submission
  • Full E-Commerce Capability
  • Unlimited Image Enhancements


  • Custom Business Management System


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Synergents is not just a web development and SEO platform, we are your business support team that will create a gateway to increase your pool of customers and grow your business.

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Design with Passion

This is the difference of having someone to work on some thing he does best. Result is superb

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Creative and Innovative

An expert who is not happy with a yes alone, but we always crave for the best, like something GREAT!

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Easy Management and Collaboration

Feel the professionalism and the smooth flow of doing business with us. We follow a single rule; Say it, we do it!

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Marketing Experts

We are online marketing experts and we partnered with top of the line cloud-based marketing firms.

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Trustworthy and Prompt

We keep your trust in a vault and we keep tasks in a timely manner. Synergents is under S & B ONLINE SERVICES

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24/7 Support Team

With Synergents, you will always have someone to take care of your impulsive thoughts.

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About us

We are a one stop shop for start up or enterprise business. We are your comprehensive business support team.
Evolution through Innovation! We are your Online Business Partner.

We are passionate web geeks driven by our own dreams and web principles. Synergents is a simple congruent team compose of combined ideas, collated expertise and smooth process flow. Sensitive to business' needs from an inquiry, creating a mock up or concept, generating contents and details, synchronization, marketing and 24/7 support. Full throttle business web support team above the norm.

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You may not be able to understand our tech language but we assure you that we know what we do best. Constant learning of search engines' algorithm greatly improve not just the look and feel of your website but also the ability to gain traffic through strategic website configuration. Questions and Support, email us at INFO@SYNERGENTS.COM

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