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Our 2016 Year-Ender project.  "Everything looks good. Thank you for all the efforts you and your team has put into this. I truly appreciate it"

Reuben Seguritan ~ New York NY

We had fun, Synergents [HBHSolutions], your team was simply the best. I will never forget how you helped my business. You know you are part of the success.

J. Terry ~ South Jordan UT [Financial Services]

Jena and I spent so much time in searching for the best team until we got a call, I've never been happier. We both felt the same thing. Awesome job Synergents team! Help is MetroHelps!

Jena and Caroline ~ Philadelphia PA

Very good. Just very good. My old website was 7 years old,
they made it look like hollywood!

Petrova Levinsky ~ Columbus OH

Thanks SYNERGENTS! My team was an awesome team! Very realistic and they exceed my expectations. I will sure be back. Thank you much!

S. Ritchie ~ CA [Real Estate Agent]

It was a roller coaster ride on the onset but I know what you guys are capable of. Our business relationship has been better and better each day. We are proud of you.

Alyssa A. ~ Salt Lake UT


Synergents is a diverse team from combined ideas, evolving expertise and innovative strategies. Full throttle online presence geeks and lead provider for businesses looking to increase ROI. Synergents is your business innovative solutions in an ultimate level.

If you need to increase your sales pipeline, get quality business or consumer data from us, we will pair you with an experienced call center or a team of telemarketers to work on the data you bought then we will manage them for FREE. To get started,  click here. If you need a website for your business, we can create the best for you. If you need to redesign or update your old site, we can do it too.

Our data provide details that you need for Credit Repair, Loans of any type, Insurance, Real Estate and Home Improvement verticals. QUALITY DATA | EXPERIENCED TEAM | BUSINESS GROWTH


Are you a Business Owner, Broker, Financial Advisor, Business Sales and Marketing Manager, Product or Service Agent or simply a Real Estate Agent? We are fit for you. Inexpensive way of growing your business and increasing sales pipeline.

WEB DEVELOPMENT | Making your online business representation unique and functional aside from being trendy and expressive. Make User Experience satisfactory  and catch their details and make your online presence work for your business.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS | We are not your typical lead vendor. We simply think outside the box. The best thing is, most of the services we provide are simply FREE of charge. How does it work? Click here.

Benefits for your Business:
More Time Closing Deals | Expand Business Ability | Business Re-Engineering Ability| Increased Revenue | Increased Buffer Capital | Business Growth | No Additional Maintenance | Invest On Performance